Membership in the Fontaine Maury Society

The Fontaine Maury Society (FMS) is an active thriving organization whose mission is to strengthen the family bonds of the Fontaine and Maury families. The society’s mission was first defined by the families’ common ancestor, Jaques de la Fontaine (1658-1728), whose dying wish was that all members of his family remain close through the ages and to aid one another in times of strife.


Most members are descendants of Jaques de la Fontaine and his wife Anne Elisabeth Boursiquot but this is not a requirement.  We welcome anyone interested in Fontaine and Maury families and in Huguenot history.


The benefits of membership include receiving our newsletter, typically three times a year, meeting extended family members and other interested individuals to collaborate on research, and attending our annual meetings, held each year at a different location that has connections to the Fontaine and Maury families.


Please see our Summer 2013 Newsletter as a sample of the newsletters that you will receive as a member.


Membership is $15 per individual, family, or organization.  Our membership year is January-December.  Dues paid at or after the annual meeting are applied to the next calendar year.


To join, please print this page and mail the completed form to:


Membership Secretary

The Fontaine Maury Society

P.O. Box 307

Tehachapi, CA  93581-0307


Please make your check or money order made payable to “The Fontaine Maury Society.”  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit or debit cards.


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Interest in Society:            ____________________________________________________________


FOR CURRENT MEMBERS – Please write to the Membership Secretary with any address changes, death notices, or any other changes in membership status.


Updated March 2014